1970 Road Runner-Superbird-GTX Production Figures

Engine/Transmission Coupe Hardtop Convertible Superbird GTX
383-4 3-speed 1,330 584 13 0 0
383-4 4-speed 5,839 7,993 179 0 0
383-4 automatic 6,888 11,639 429 0 0
383-4 total 14,057 23,371 621 0 0
440-4 4-speed 0 0 0 458 1471
440-4 automatic 0 1 0 626 4927
440-4 total 0 1 0 1,084 6398
440-6 4-speed 451 697 20 308 350
440-6 automatic 222 433 14 408 328
440-6 total 651 1,130 34 716 678
426 Hemi 4-speed 44 59 1 58 43
426 Hemi automatic 30 16 2 77 29
426 Hemi total 74 75 3 135 72
Total Production 15,716 24,944 824 1,935 7,748

1970 Road Runner-Superbird-GTX Option Codes


A01 Light Package (NA w/A13)
Ashtray, Trunk, Glove Box, Map, & Ignition Switch Lamps, Hood Mounted Turn Signals
A04 Basic Group (NA w/A13)
AM Radio*, Power Steering, Left Outside Remote Mirror, 3-speed Wipers
A13 Superbird Package
Vinyl Roof, Hood Tie-down Pins, Power Steering, Power-Disc Brakes, A33 w/D21 or A36 w/D32, 440
A31 High Performance Axle (3:91)(383 w/D21 or D32)(NA w/A13,A35,H51)
8.75" Sure-Grip, 7 Blade Torque Drive Fan*, Hemi Suspension, 26" Radiator w/Fan Shroud
A32 Super Performance Axle (DANA 4:10)(440-426 w/D32)(NA w/A13,A35,H51)
9.75" Sure-Grip, 7 Blade Torque Drive Fan*, 26" Radiator w/Fan Shroud, Disc Brakes, Power Brakes
A33 Track Pak (DANA 3:54)(440-426 w/D21)(NA w/H51)
4-speed, 9.75" Sure-Grip, 7 Blade Torque Drive Fan*, 26" Radiator w/Fan Shroud, Dual Point Distributor
A34 Super Track Pak (DANA 4:10)(440-426 w/D21)(NA w/A13,H51)
4-speed, 9.75" Sure-Grip, 7 Blade Torque Dr. Fan*, 26" Radiator & Shroud, Dual Point Distributor, Power & Disc Brakes
A35 Trailer Towing Package ( 3:23 )(D32 Required)(NA w/A13,E74,E87)
8.75" Sure-Grip, 7 Bl. Trqu. Dr. Fan*, 26" Rad. & Shroud, Hemi Suspension, HD Stop Lamp & Turn Signal Flasher
A36 Performance Axle (3:55)(383 w/D21 & 383-440-426 w/D32)(NA w/A35)
8.75" Sure-Grip, 7 Blade Torque Drive Fan*, Hemi Suspension, 26" Radiator w/Fan Shroud
A87 Road Runner Decor Group (RM21 Only)
Custom Vinyl, B-Pillar Mldg., Bright Armrest Bases, 3 Spoke Strg. Wheel, Bright Door Panels, Transverse Tape Stripe


B31 Heavy Duty Drum Brakes (11x3"fr, 11x2.5"rr)(STD w/RM21,RM23,RM27)
B41 Disc Brakes (B51 Required)
B51 Power Brakes (Required w/B41)


C13 Front Shoulder Belts (RM27 only)(STD w/RM21,RM23)
C14 Rear Shoulder Belts (NA w/RM27)
C15 Deluxe Seat Belts (w/Pusbutton Buckles & Instrument Panel Light)
C16 Center Console (w/Bucket Seats Only)(NA w/C21)
C21 Center "Buddy" Seat Cushion & Folding Armrest (w/Buckets Only)(NA w/C16)
C52 Bench Seats
C55 Bucket Seats
C62 "Comfort Position" Manual 6 Way Seat Adjuster (Left Bucket Only)
C65 Foam Front Bench Seat Cushion
C92 Color-keyed Accessory Floor Mats

Transmission & Axle

D13 3-speed Manual Transmission w/Floor Shift (STD w/E63)(NA w/E74,E86,E87)
D21 4-speed A-833 Manual Transmission w/Hurst Floor Shift (NA w/A35)
D32 3-Speed A-727 TorqueFlite HD Automatic Transmission
D34 3-Speed A-727 TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission
D51 8.75" 2:76 Differential
D52 8.75" 2:94 Differential
D53 8.75" 3:23 Differential (Used w/D91 w/out Axle Package)
D56 8.75" 3:55 Differential or 9.75" 3:54 Differential
D57 8.75" 3:91 Differential
D58 9.75" 4:10 Differential
D68 Standard Differential
D69 Special Order Differential
D84 Dana 60 9.75" Differential
D91 Sure-Grip Differential (STD w/A31,A32,A33,A34,A35,A36)(NA w/A13)
D99 Special Order Transmission


E63 383cid 4bbl Magnum 335hp (STD w/Road Runner)( Orange Paint)(NA w/H51)
E65 383cid 4bbl 330hp (Required w/H51 in Road Runner)( Turquoise Paint)
E74 426cid 2x4bbl HEMI Hi-Performance 425hp (NA w/H51,N88)
E86 440cid 4bbl Magnum 375hp (STD w/ Superbird & GTX)(NA w/Road Runner)
E87 440cid 3x2bbl Hi-Performance 390hp (NA w/H51,N88)


F11 50 Amp Alternator (STD w/H51)
F25 70 Amp Battery (STD w/E74,E86,E87)(NA w/A13)
F96 Oil Pressure Gauge


G11 Tinted Glass (All Windows)(Except RM27 Back Glass)( Recommended w/H51)
G15 Tinted Glass (Windshield Only)
G21 Clear Glass (Use w/H51 when G11 not desired)
G31 Manual Control Chrome Outside Right Mirror
G33 Remote Control Chrome Outside Left Mirror (STD w/A04)
G36 Dual Body-colored Racing Mirrors
G41 Day-Night Inside Rear View Mirror

Heater & A/C

H11 Heater (STD All)
H25 Heater Delete
H31 Rear Window Defogger (NA w/RM27)
H51 Air Conditioning w/Heater (D32 Required)(NA w/A13,E63,E74,E87,N96)


J11 Glove Box Lock
J15 Cigarette Lighter
J21 Electric Clock (NA w/N85)
J25 3-speed Windshield Wipers (STD w/A04,E74)(Required w/N96)
J41 Pedal Dress-up
J45 Hood Tie-down Pins
J55 Undercoating w/Underhood Insulation Pad
J78 Front Spoiler
J81 "Go Wing" Rear Spoiler (Black Only)


L05 Map Light
L11 Glove Box Lamp
L15 Ash Tray Lamp
L25 Trunk Lamp
L31 Hood Mounted Turn Signals
L42 Headlight Time Delay & Warning Signal (NA w/A13)
L55 HD Stop Lamp Switch
L56 HD Turn Signal Flasher
L65 Ignition Switch Time Delay Lamp
L73 Seat Belt Warning Lamp
L76 Heater Controls Lamp


M05 Door Edge Protectors
M07 B-pillar Molding (NA w/RM23,RM27)
M21 Drip Trough Molding
M25 Custom Sill Molding (NA w/A13)
M26 Wheel Opening Molding
M31 Belt Molding (STD w/RM27)
M42 Pistol Grip Transmission Knob (D21 Required)
M83 Rear Bumper Guards

Engine Accessories

N41 Dual Exhaust (STD All)
N42 Bright Exhaust Tips w/Low-restriction Tailpipes (STD w/E74)(NA California)
N51 Maximum Engine Cooling
N65 Torque Drive 7 Blade Fan
N85 "Tic-Toc-Tac" Tachometer w/Clock (NA w/J21)
N88 Automatic Speed Control (B51,D32 Required)(NA w/E74,E87,N96)
N95 Evaporative Emission Control (Required in California)
N96 "Air Grabber" Hood (STD w/E74)(J25 Required)(NA w/A13,H51,N88)
N97 Noise Reduction Package (Required in California w/E63,E87)


P31 Power Windows (RM23,RM27 Only)


R08 Radio Delete
R11 "Music Master" Solid State 2 Watt AM Radio (STD w/A04)
R21 Solid State AM-FM Radio
R22 Solid State AM Radio w/Stereo 8-Track Tape Player
R31 Rear Seat Speaker (R11,R21 or R22 Required)(NA w/A13,RM27)

Suspension & Steering

S15 "Hemi" or "Police" Extra HD Suspension (STD w/ A31,A35,A36,E74,E86,E87)
S77 Power Steering (STD w/A04,A13)
S78 Deluxe Full Horn Ring
S79 Partial Horn Ring
S81 3-spoke Simulated Wood-grain Steering Wheel
S83 2-spoke Rim-blow Steering Wheel
S84 "Tuff" Rallye Sport Steering Wheel (A01,S77 Required)
S91 Manual Steering

Tires 14"

T86 F70x14 WSW (STD w/E63,E74,E86,E87)
T87 F70x14 RWL

Tires 15"

U84 F60x15 RWL Goodyear Polyglas GT(B51,S15 Required)

Vinyl & Paint

V01 Monotone Paint
V02 Two-tone Paint
V1F Vinyl Roof - Green
V1G Vinyl Roof - Gator Grain
V1W Vinyl Roof - Black
V1X Vinyl Roof - Black
V21 Performance Hood Paint Treatment (NA w/A13)
V3W Convertible Top - White
V3X Convertible Top - Black
V6W Side Stripe - White
V6X Side Stripe - Black
V6Y Side Stripe / Dust Trail - Gold
V8W Transverse Tape Stripe - White
V8X Transverse Tape Stripe - Black
V8Y Transverse Tape Stripe - Gold

Wheels & Hubcaps

W11 Deluxe Wheel Covers (14" only)(15" w/E74)
W15 Wire Wheel Covers (14" only)
W21 Rallye Road Wheels w/Trim Rings(14" & 15x7")
W23 Chrome Styled Road Wheels w/Trim Rings(14" only)

Vehicle Delivery

Y05 Build to U.S. Specifications
Y14 Sold Car
Y16 Sales Bank
Y39 Special Order Car
Y91 Show Car Finish A

1970 Model Year Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge Paint Codes

  Chrysler-Plymouth Dodge
EA4 Platinum Metallic Silver Metallic
EB3 Ice Blue Metallic Light Blue Metallic
EB5 Blue Fire Metallic Bright Blue Metallic
EB7 Jamaica Blue Metallic Dark Blue Metallic
FC7 In-Violet Metallic* Plum Crazy Metallic*
FE5 Rallye Red Bright Red
FF4 Lime Green Metallic Light Green Metallic
EF8 Ivy Green Metallic Dark Green Metallic
FJ5 Lime Light* Sublime*
FJ6 Sassy Grass Green* Green Go*
EK2 Vitamin C Orange* Go-Mango*
FK5 Deep Burnt Orange Metallic Dark Burnt Orange Metallic
BL1 Sandpebble Beige Beige
FT6 Burnt Tan Metallic Dark Tan Metallic
FM3 Moulon Rouge* Panther Pink*
ER6 Scorch Red Red
EV2 Tor-Red* Hemi Orange*
EW1 Alpine White Eggshell White
TX9 Black Velvet Tuxedo Black
FY1 Lemon Twist* Top Banana*
DY3 Yellow Gold Cream
FY4 Citron Mist Metallic Light Gold Metallic
999 "Richard Petty" Corporation Blue NA
999 special order special order

* = "High Impact Color"

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