text=HELP PANEL HELP-LINKS-DOWNLOAD To close this panel, press the white pentastar above the word CHRYSLER on the upper right, or open the Key Menu and then click on close. The RELOAD button on the upper left corner will also close it. To scroll this panel, drag the small white pentastar or press the up and down ( arrow ) buttons on the right of this text. The panel can be moved anywhere by pressing the word MOPAR at the top and dragging it. Pressing the help, links or download tab on the Key Menu will open another panel. The 5 pentastars ( links ) that were below will disappear while this panel is open, and reappear when it is closed.
KEY MENU All of the items on this menu open up in this page. The 4 items on this key menu will show a tiny pentastar to the left of each title after they have been clicked. The pentastar will be green for the last item clicked. It will turn black indicating previously clicked items. The menu will automatically close after an item is clicked. If you click on close while the Key Menu is open, any open panels will also close. The menu can be moved anywhere by pressing the top strip labeled mutmo didit! and dragging it.
CONTROLS will open a large black pentastar on the lower right of your screen which has 5 seperate buttons on it. You can randomly change the background color of this web page, randomly change the body color of the car, or manually change the body color of the car with the 3 color sliders. Another button opens controls to change the size and position of the car. ( If you zoom in on the State Inspection Sticker area, you can read the text. ) The bottom button will reset all changes to the original configuration. All of these buttons have a legend below the pentastar when you hold the mouse over them. To close the controls pentastar click the button on the key menu marked controls again.
SOUND may be muted by clicking the speaker icon in the lower left. Clicking it again will open the player panel. To close the player panel click the small pentastar on its lower right. All other controls are much like any home stereo. 8 music files exist, but only the Road Runner Theme song will "stream" ( play before it is fully loaded ). The other 7 must fully download before they will play, the file size is about 500kb each. The player panel can be moved anywhere by pressing the top strip labeled NOISEMAKER 2000 and dragging it.
MISC. Muting or stopping the sound files from playing will speed up all other actions especially on slower computers. Right clicking your mouse will bring a context menu up with size, quality and play controls. Changing quality from high to medium or low will also speed up performance. Running full screen will slow some computers down considerably. The resize car action does not correctly reset when the button is pressed on the control pentastar, press the reload page button at the upper left of the page if needed. You may also right click your mouse and choose rewind from the context menu. Of the 5 large black pentastars below the 3 center ones will open a new window, while the 2 outer ones will close this web page and open the clicked link. mutmo didit! e-mail link
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